About Us

We do a premium activewear

At Avlete, our commitment goes beyond crafting high-performance athletic wear; it extends to curating collections that capture the essence of your individuality. Our clothing is genuinely styled to enhance your performance and to resonate deeply with your values towards equality, inclusivity, and sustainability. With Avlete, you're embracing a lifestyle that celebrates your uniqueness and empowers your journey. Join us as we redefine athletic wear, tailoring collections that reflect youressence and amplify your authentic self.


We support the transformative role women play in shaping the world through business, creativity, the arts, music...


We use ethical production processes and sustainably produced, Oeko-Tex® certified materials.


Timeless, luxury-grade feminine activewear made in Europe from French & Italian fabrics.


At our very core, we carry on the refined traditions of European sophistication, elegance, and confident femininity.